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Caption & Transcription Services for all Oregon Community Colleges

In spring of 2013, every community college in Oregon will have access to approx.. 29 hours of caption and transcription services funded through the State of Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) in cooperation with the Oregon Community Colleges Distance Learning Association (OCCDLA). Each college will have up to five years to make use of these funded services.

Project Background

In 2011/2012 the OCCDLA Accessibility workgroup performed planning and research in offering funded resources for caption and transcription services to each of the 17 Oregon community colleges. These services will provide much needed resources for assisting with accessibility accommodation requests for delivering instructional media content within each college’s distance learning programs. The decision was made to write a grant proposal to CCWD to purchase bulk hours for caption and transcription services. The vendor selected to provide these services is Automatic Sync Technologies (AST).

Getting Started

Project Documents

  • Project Funding Proposal - a state funding proposal developed by the OCCDLA Accessibility Workgroup
  • Project Funding Presentation - a presentation given to OCCDLA for consideration to request project funding
  • Welcome Letter - a welcome letter sent to each college site administrator for this project
  • FAQ - a list of frequently asked questions regarding the OCCDLA Accessibility Workgroup Caption & Transcription Services
  • College Site Admin Contacts - a list of individuals responsible for administrating services through the OCCDLA Accessibility - Caption & Transcription Services Project

Tracking Reports

View an updated tracking report of each college's usage of these services. Each quarter OCCDLA rebalances and redistributes the remaining caption services hours equally across all 17 colleges. A college usage tracking report and redistribution report is shared out at each OCCDLA quarterly meeting.

Usage Report Presentations

Below are links to slide presentations on usage reports for the caption and transcription services.

AST Support Resources

Additional Resources


If you have any questions, please contact Sage Freeman, Media Specialist at Chemeketa Community College.

Sage Freeman
Media Production Specialist
Distance Education & Academic Technology
Chemeketa Community College